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Advancing fair, effective, and efficient criminal justice strategies

Challenges facing states

States face complex challenges in their efforts to protect public safety, reduce recidivism, respond to the unique needs of justice-involved individuals returning to communities from jail and prison, and improve services for victims of crime.

State policymakers are concerned about upticks in violent crime, high rates of recidivism, increases in overdose deaths, rebounding prison populations, and the need for quality mental health services. Public policy responses tested throughout the country, however, show there are effective ways to understand and address these concerns while ensuring public safety.

JRI solution

Through the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), state leaders work with experts to conduct agency-spanning data analysis; develop and implement data-driven, tailored solutions to address complicated criminal justice challenges; and maximize resources to achieve stronger and safer communities.

Request JRI technical assistance

States interested in JRI may formally request technical assistance to determine the state’s readiness to undertake JRI, including the capacity to collect, share, and analyze data across key points in the criminal justice system.

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