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Robin Olsen is a principal policy associate in the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center, where she works on projects related to prosecutorial decisionmaking and data-driven criminal and juvenile justice reform. She holds an MPP degree from Harvard University. 

Constance Hull is a policy associate in the Justice Policy Center. Her research work includes assessing the impact of state justice policy reforms, documenting strategies to invest in community-based care, bridging research and practice in youth justice, and examining the impact of policies designed to improve educational equity. 

Barbara Pierce is director of justice initiatives at the Crime and Justice Institute, where she oversees projects related to law enforcement and behavioral health diversion, pretrial, and institutional and community corrections. She holds a Master’s of Public Policy and Management degree from University of Southern Maine. 

Ashlin Oglesby-Neal is a research associate in the Justice Policy Center. Her research includes evaluating the impacts of criminal justice programs and policies and developing and validating risk assessment tools. She has designed and managed multiple process and outcome evaluations with criminal justice agencies at the state and local levels. Her analytic capabilities include multisite data processing and management, causal analyses, machine learning, and data visualization. Oglesby-Neal received a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

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